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jumbo piston core
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Jumbo Piston Core onboard R/V Knorr.
jumbo piston core
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Extruder on the R/V Knorr.
Available Sampling Systems - Jumbo Piston Core
Designed and built by members of the Institution staff, the WHOI Jumbo piston coring [JPC] system is capable of retrieving large diameter [4.5”] undisturbed cores up to 100 feet [>30 m] long. The system requires an experienced team to safely and efficiently manage shipboard launch and recovery operations. Because individual barrels are coupled together to form the corer, the length of the JPC can be adjusted [in 10 foot increments] according to sediment type or program goals.

When triggered to freefall near the seafloor this ‘Kullenberg’ sampler is driven into the sediment by a 5000 pound lead-filled corehead. The sediment sample is recovered within a PVC ‘core liner’ that fits snugly inside the steel core barrels. A piston inside the plastic liner stabilizes at the sediment/water interface as the core begins to penetrate. The action of the piston helps to overcome internal friction inside the corer and recover a long undistorted, stratified, sediment sample. Hundreds of long cores have been recovered using the JPC since its deployment became routine in the early 90’s.

After the corer is recovered onboard the deployment vessel the liner is carefully removed from the system with the aid of a hydraulic extruder. Over the last decade we have installed custom JPC systems onboard many research vessels. See Installations for details.

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