Shore Lab

Shore Lab
Power Interface
Computer Control
Rain Gauge
Radiation Sensors

Meteorological Mast

Meteorological Mast
Sonic Anemometer
Temperature/RH Pressure Sensors
H2O Sensor
CO2 Sensor
Surf Camera

Undersea Node

Undersea Node
Data and Power Transmission
Currents, Pressure, Waves
Salinity, Temperature
Turbidity and Fluorescence


Air-Sea Interaction Tower
15 meters deep
3 kilometers from shore
Access to power and communication

Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory

The Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory (MVCO) is a leading research and engineering facility operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The observatory is located at South Beach and in the ocean a mile off the south shore of Martha's Vineyard where it provides real time and archived coastal oceanographic and meteorological data for researchers, students and the general public.

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South Beach Observations

One mile offshore Observations

South Beach Webcam

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