Compare the actual cost of commuting:

Fill out this form to figure out your annual drive-alone commute cost! Compare it to the cost of other options.

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1. How many days per month do you work? (21 is full time.)
2. What is your round trip commute (in miles)?
3. How many miles per gallon does your vehicle average?
4. How much per gallon do you pay for gasoline? (AAA Barnstable county average fuel costs March 2005, for mid-grade gasoline $2.184 per gallon)
5. What is your cost per mile for maintenance, insurance, license, registration, depreciation, finance charges and taxes?**
6. How much do you pay for monthly parking? (In season daily parking rates at the Steamship Authority Woods Hole Terminal $10.00 per day)
Your estimated cost of drive-alone commuting: ---------------
Compare the yearly cost of other commute options:
If you...
Carpool with one other person:
Vanpool five days/week with six other people:
Ride the bus (commuter pass Hyannis to Woods Hole, 52 weeks per year)
Ride the bus (commuter pass Mashpee to Woods Hole, 52 weeks per year)
Compress your workweek  by working four 10-hour days:

Cost per mile estimate based on AAA's 2004 Driving costs averaging 15,000 miles per year. ** arrow


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