Human Resources

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HC-FSA)

When you enroll in this account you contribute money from your paycheck before taxes are withheld. You then use this money to reimburse yourself with tax-free dollars for certain health care expenses that are not payable under any benefit plan (like medical and dental plan deductibles, coinsurance or co-payments, orthodontia services, lasik surgery, etc.). 

Health Equity is our employee benefits third party administration firm. 

You can access your Flexible Spending Account online at the new website

1)      Click first time user

2)      You will be prompted to enter the information to verify your identity and establish online access to your account

When you receive your FSA debit card in the mail, you will need to contact Health Equity to activate the card before you can begin using it.  You may also access your FSA funds by contacting Health Equity at 1-877-694-3938.  They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IRS Restrictions

Because FSAs provide tax advantages, the IRS imposes certain restrictions on their use. These include the following:

  • Use-It-Or-Lose-It Rule
  • Eligible expenses must be incurred during the plan year (January 1 - December 31); however, there is a 3-month run out period that allows participants to submit for reimbursement of eligible expenses during the plan year up through March 31st of the following year.
  • Like your other pre-tax contribution elections, you may not change your FSA contribution amount unless you have had a qualified change in status as defined by the IRS.
To avoid losing any of your contributions as a result of these IRS provisions, you should carefully estimate your anticipated expenses for the coming year when you decide how much you will contribute to the FSA.

Last updated: January 17, 2014