Deputy Director & Vice President for Research

Welcome to WHOI's Deputy Director & Vice President for Research Website

Welcome to the Deputy Director and Vice President for Research web pages at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Here you will find links to new and ongoing research at WHOI and to the many research areas our scientists, engineers and technical staff and students are involved in. Also on these pages is information about the functions of the office of the Deputy Director and Vice President for Research – including providing and administering internal funding for research and technology development, fostering partnerships to support research, and seeking funding for research initiatives.

The core of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s mission is research focusing on all aspects of the ocean, from the coasts to the open ocean and the deep sea floor. Research here ranges from basic, curiosity-driven science, to applied approaches to technical, environmental and societal problems. In a changing world, exploring and understanding the ocean is an urgent need, and WHOI research is contributing to the ability to monitor and predict ocean processes, conditions, resources, and sustainability. Education has been an essential component of research at WHOI from the beginning, and postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate students contribute extensively to all facets of the research.

Research at WHOI spans the breadth of ocean science and engineering, with five traditional research Departments, Centers  focused on particular areas of study, and several administrative offices in support of national research programs. At any time there are 300-400 separate research projects in progress, funded through federal, internal, private, and industry sources. Please follow the links to learn more about our research efforts.

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