Deputy Director & Vice President for Research


Many factors contribute to providing a healthy and productive work environment. WHOI strives to advance practices which advocate diversity, equitable treatment, and ethical actions in staff at all levels. The following resources are available to support and encourage these ideals.

Human Resources Office

The Human Resource Office is responsible for managing the Institution's recruitment and employment programs and activities.

Diversity Committee

As a world class institution of scientific research and education WHOI recognizes that diversity and learning are fundamentally linked to our growth, prosperity and longevity in an increasingly global enterprise.

Workplace Climate

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is committed to a workplace that is free from bias or differential treatment on the basis of gender, as well as other factors including race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Employment of Spouses

Assistance is not limited to employment opportunities at the Institution, but includes contacts with employers in the community at large.