Deputy Director & Vice President for Research

Research Conduct

Policies associated with employment at the Institution may be found on the Human Resources website. For guidance on responsible conduct of research refer to the Institutional Policies below.

Conflict of Interest and Outside Professional Activities

Involvement in outside professional activities, both public and private, often serves not only the participant but the Institution and the field of ocean sciences as well. This policy is to ensure that an individual's activities are in concert with the interests and mission of the Institution and that the Institution has sufficient information to arrive at a reasonable decision as to the appropriateness of activities.

Information Technology, Acceptable Use

This policy, in conjunction with other applicable WHOI policies, sets forth acceptable use of all WHOI electronic information resources owned or managed by the Institution, and describes the rights and responsibilities of the WHOI community with respect to use of these resources.

Misconduct in Science

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution finds intolerable any action or conduct on the part of its staff or personnel that comprises scientific misconduct. Specifically, "scientific misconduct" is ethically unacceptable behavior that undermines the integrity of research, that is, calls into question the validity of the research.

Laboratory Safety

The Institution can only meet its obligation to provide a safe and health work environment if all staff and students conduct work activities in a safe manner.

Use of Vertebrate Animals

Any project with involvement of vertebrate animals (mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, fish, embryos; dead or alive) must have an application (“protocol” or “procedure”) approved by the WHOI IACUC before the research can commence.