Deputy Director & Vice President for Research



The overarching goal for the WHOI Ocean Informatics initiative is to provide oceanographic researchers with the ability to apply informatics technologies in a manner that generates concrete, practical outcomes that significantly further specific research project goals.

A secondary goal is that the informatics infrastructure components that are developed and deployed to meet the needs of a specific research project should be designed to meet the needs of a number of existing and future research programs with similar needs.

Examples of components that could help achieve these goals include:

  • Staff members that are experienced, skilled and available to help in the practical application of  technologies that provide a measurable improvement in meeting the informatics needs of ocean research projects.
  • Access to informatics-oriented software tools that can significantly improve the development, management, testing, mainenance, documentation and use of research-project specific software.
  • Education of existing research and technical staff in data management and informatics and the use of software tools that support it (this in addition to the ability for staff to get expert support and advice from staff informatics specialists mentioned above)
  • An architecture document that depicts how the informatics infrastructure components, developed for specific research programs, can be made more generally available and support one another.

Current goals of WHOI's Ocean Informatics initiative

Goal 1: Help WHOI staff and students adopt informatics practices and technologies
Goal 2: Become aware of broader community efforts and external opportunities that may lead to new funding
Goal 3: Strengthen connections to expertise within WHOI and our local science community
Goal 4: Help with data and software life cycle management and publishing
Goal 5: Promote WHOI as a leader in expertise on Ocean Informatics

Last updated: February 23, 2018