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Process for reporting visitors to WHOI and visits abroad


» Visitors-to-WHOI form
» WHOI Travel-to-Foreign-Countries form
» HR information and procedure - mandatory if a visitor or guest will have a WHOI appointment.


Oceanography is a global science, and WHOI recognizes the intellectual and practical value of research collaborations with colleagues in other countries. Cooperation on research projects, cruises, workshops, conferences, teaching and other related interactions adds opportunity, innovation, quality and productivity to our mission of understanding the global ocean and its relation to the planet and humanity.

Because we receive Navy and other federal funding, some WHOI activities are subject to national secuirty regulations. Others involve technology or information subject to export control under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and we are required to follow certain procedures regarding export or access.

We are therefore required to maintain awareness of visits, collaborations and other interactions with foreign visitors. This website is intended to facilitate the notification of such interactions and provide a rapid review in situations where it is needed. The information you provide will be collected in a database accessible by the Facility Security Officer (FSO), the Director of Research, the General Counsel and others as needed.

You are requested to use this site to notify us about:

  • foreign visitors to WHOI (HR should be notified regarding visitors who will have Guest or Visiting Investigator or Scholar appointments- Information for WHOI sponsors)
  • visits by WHOI staff to foreign countries
  • all proposals or plans for collaboration with foreigners here or abroad, or such work already in progress
Information on WHOI projects that have funding from foreign sources is already captured during the GCS routing of proposals. In some other situations however, policies or activities of foreign governments or institutions present potential risks to the Institution in the areas of data security, operations security, intellectual property, or financial security. The Institution will maintain a list (the ACECS Review List) of foreign countries in which research collaborations may present these, or other, risks. This list, based on the U.S. State Department list of Embargoed Countries for controlled exports.

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Last updated: November 18, 2016