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Welcome to the WHSTEP registry of science outreach volunteers.

Work with a teacher on education grant proposal preparation
DescriptionNameContact Info
earth sciences, geology, climatology, climate... Karen Bicekbice@whoi.edu
1. Using technology, especially on-line data in... Pat Harcourtpharcourt@adelphia.net
Would be best at collaborating to identify... Marga McElroymmcelroy@whoi.edu
marine geophysics coastal processes Rob Evansrevans@whoi.edu
1. Maybe I can help wtih teacher-initiated... Oliver Zafiriouozafiriou@whoi.edu
Harmful algal blooms Nutritional physiology of... Sheean Haleyshaley@whoi.edu
Web based inquiry & microbiology. My goal is to... Sarah Rolandsroland@mbl.edu
Atlantic white cedar bog: samples, but not... Aimlee Ladermanaladerman@mbl.edu
Past climate change (glacial-interglacial cycles,... Delia Oppodoppo@whoi.edu

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