HAB populations and life cycles

This project examines the biological and physical controls that dictate Alexandrium bloom life cycle--from initiation to termination.

Dynamics of HABs

By investigating the factors that contribute to Alexandrium bloom decline, researchers at WHCOHH look to further refine their predictive model, enhancing the accuracy of a tool that has already proved helpful in the past.

Effects of low level toxin

The goal of this project is to elucidate the molecular and epigenetic mechanisms by which short-term developmental exposure of embryos to HAB toxins and other marine toxicants (including anthropogenic contaminants) may cause physiological and behavioral abnormalities later in life.

Research 2003 - 2011

Past research at the WHCOHH examined a variety of oceanographic issues, ranging from modeling Alexandrium populations in the Gulf of Maine to the distribution of pathogens in coastal waters. Included are also the center's many pilot projects and information regarding the Genomics Core Facility.