Insurance & Risk Management

Maritime Liability Insurance

P&I or Protection and Indemnity insurance provides coverage for maritime liability associated with WHOI owned and operated vessels. This includes coverage for crew members who may become injured or ill while in the service of the vessel.

Crew Member Injury or Illness

A crewmember who becomes sick or injured while in the service of a vessel, and is unable to return to work, must have a physician complete a "fit for duty" form with current status of work capacity and follow-up appointment date for re-determination until point of maximum cure has been reached. The Port Office must receive each fit for duty determination within ten (10) days of each physician’s visit for the crewmember to be entitled to:

Unearned Wages: A crewmember who becomes ill or injured while in the service of a vessel is entitled to unearned wages, to the end of the voyage leg, or to which time the crewmember is found fit to return to duty, or until maximum benefit of treatment is met, which ever comes first. Unearned wages consist of full base pay wages at the same rate of pay being earned at the onset of the illness/injury. 

Maintenance: The first dollar of any payments made to a crew member are considered maintenance with the balance deemed an advance to the crew member against any future exposure. When a crew member is no longer eligible for unearned wages and if food and shelter are not being provided by the Institution, a crewmember who becomes ill or injured while in the service of a vessel may be paid maintenance until maximum medical cure is met.

Cure: Reasonable, non-palliative medical expenses until the point of maximum benefit of treatment has been reached.

All questions relating to shipboard personnel issues are fielded through the Marine Personnel Coordinator in the Port Office.

Insurance for Vessel Charters

Insurance for a chartered vessel is the responsibility of the charterer. Proof of insurance must be provided by the owner of the vessel prior to using the vessel. Please contact the Risk Management Coordinator for details.

Last updated: January 30, 2018