Joan M. Bernhard

Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Jos Wit, PhD (Postdoctoral Investigator)

Marleen Jeglinski (Research Assistant III, part time)

Dave Beaudoin (Research Associate II, part time)


Past Lab Members and Affiliates

Postdoctoral Researchers

Jos Wit, PhD (2013-Present)

Anna McIntyre-Wressnig, PhD (2008-2012)

Matthew First, PhD (WHOI PD Scholar, 2008-2010)

Helena Filipsson, PhD (Fulbright Researcher; 2007)


Visiting Colleague

Susan T. Goldstein (sabbatical, Autumn 2009)


Technical Staff

Virginia Edgcomb, PhD (Researcher, 2006-2010)

Marleen Jeglinski (part time, 2006-Present)

Dave Beaudoin (part time, 2007-Present)

Marjorie Parmenter (part time, 2006-2007)

Susan Brown Leger (part time, 2006-2007)

Jessica Blanks (helped with move from USC, to late 2004)


Guest Students (generally ~ 3 month stay)

William Phalen (Summer 2012, Summer 2013 (partial), Summer 2014 (partial))

Megan Davis (Summer 2013)

Colin Morisson (Summer 2012)

Francesco Mezzo (Gori Fellow, Fall semester 2011)

Sarah Mackenbach (Summer Student Fellow, 2010)

Yadira Ibarra (Minority Summer Student Fellow Summer 2009)

Darin Lang (Summer 2009)

Zack Bailey (Summer 2008)

Sarah Fackler (Guest student 2008)

Nadine Eisenkolb (Summer Student Fellow, 2006)

Liz Mollo-Christensen (Summer Student Fellow 2005; Guest Student 2005-2006)

Dave Williams (Summer Student Fellow, 2004)


Visiting Students (brief visits typically to learn methods)

Isabelle Camarra (Summer 2014)

Anna Martinez Fernandez (early 2014)

Kamila Sztybor (Guest Student, Fall 2014)

Caitlin Keating Bitonti (Guest Student, Sept 2013)


High School Interns / Science Fair Projects / Workers

Lydia Dick (High School Helper, Summer 2013)

Alec Cobban (High School Intern, Spring 2012)

Ronna ten Brink (High School Helper 2011; Science Fair Project 2011-2012)

Summer Tompkins (Science Fair Project 2011-2012)

Margot Wilsterman (High School Helper, 2009-2010)

Tyler Baron (Science Fair project, 2009)

Sarah Fackler (High School Helper, 2007)


Canine “Helpers”

Cooper McIntyre-Wressnig (Canine helper, 2008-2012)

Kepler McIntyre-Wressnig (Canine helper, 2009-2012)

Annie Brown Leger (2006-2007)

Last updated: October 2, 2014