Organic Geochemistry Analysis Laboratory

GCxGC Facility


The Organic Geochemistry Analysis Laboratory - GC×GC facility provides very high resolution comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatographic services.

Billing structure for GC×GC analysis at WHOI. 

Please email us (see contact information) before sending samples as WHOI now has a billing procedure in place for this GC×GC facility. Once we receive an email listing the number of samples you would like to analyze and the type of data that you require we will (a) arrange for a quote to be sent to you, which will include a "Payment Authorization Information form" (PAI) and (b) once you receive the quote, please send a purchase order/method of payment and the completed PAI form back to Linda Cannata, ( MS#4, WHOI, Woods Hole MA, 02543.

*Source of funding:  If funding for work done in our facility is coming from a U.S. Government source, please let us know right away. You must include the funding sourcegrant number, and CFDA (Catalog of Federal Demestic Assistance) number on the PAI form.  If NOT coming from a U.S. Government source, WHOI will charge an administrative fee based on the following:        

 U.S. Entities:

             5% - Government Contracts

           10% - Non-Government Cost Reimbursement Contracts

           15% - Non-Government Fixed Price Contracts          

Foreign Entities:  15%

Last updated: May 20, 2015