Advanced Imaging & Visualization Laboratory

Deep Submergence Systems

The Lab is currently designing and fabricating new HDTV imaging Systems for the National Deep Submergence Facility vehicles Alvin and Jason. These imaging system’s design are based upon previous work done for the US Navy in the area of hybrid motion and still image acquisition sensors. These imaging systems collect high quality publishable still images in parallel with HDTV motion imagery.   This acquisition technique yields approximately 30 high quality still images per second to choose from. Other efforts currently underway include the design of an enhanced imaging and lighting system for the A4500/A6500 Replacement Human Occupied Vehicle program for NSF.

The laboratory has a large inventory of imaging systems available for use on platforms of opportunity. These imaging systems can be easily integrated to many host vehicles such as to AUVs, ROVs, Towed Vehicles and Submarines for enhanced imaging of areas of interest. Through this process scientists can obtain the imagery they need for science and outreach without a large a costly vehicle upgrade program.

These systems are available by proposal through AIVL and for rent or lease through Woods Hole Imaging Systems.

Last updated: April 8, 2010