Advanced Imaging & Visualization Laboratory

Coral Habitat Surveys and Health Assessments

Working with Conrad Hughen and Tim Shank, WHOI, the Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory at WHOI is developing new imaging tools and techniques for the classification, mapping and health assessments of shallow and deep-sea corals. This work will be done using a combination of multi-spectral, fluorescence and stereoscopic underwater imaging systems integrated into a variety of vehicle platforms. These imaging systems can be deployed from tow bodies, AUVs, ROVs and can also be operated by divers.

Additionally it is planned that the same sensors will be tested on the Lab’s unmanned aerial platform, aerostats, airships and aircraft of opportunity including NOAA Research Aircraft. The long-term goal of this program is the automatic classification of coral species, determination of the health of the corals, and stereoscopic mapping of the coral habitat.

Additional work is being done on the development of HD and Ultra-HD macroscopic and microscopic in situ imaging of corals including the imaging of deep-sea corals from platforms of opportunity including Alvin and Jason.

Last updated: April 8, 2010