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Workshop Materials

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Workshop documents

  • Full workshop report:  Lorenzoni, L., Benway, H. M. (Editors), 2013. Report of Global intercomparability in a changing ocean: An international time-series methods workshop, November 28-30, 2012, Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Program and International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (IOCCP), 60 pp.


Scientific importance of time-series: Repeat Hydrography (R. Wanninkhof, NOAA)

Scientific importance of time-series: Insights from fixed point observations (R. Lampitt, NOCS)

Challenges of maintaining/sustaining time-series in developing countries (V. Lutz, INIDEP)

Time-series methods overview: why results must be comparable from site to site (K. Johnson, MBARI)

The Bermuda-Atlantic Time Series: An example of long-term time-series work (M. Lomas, BATS/Bigelow)

Sampling protocol working group reports 

Discrete Parameter Working Group Reports 

Autonomous observations in the context of ocean time-series sites: some recent science showcases (A. Körtzinger)

World of data: The joys of oceanographic time-series data (C. Chandler)


Munida (Kim Currie)
IMARPE (Jesús Ledesma)
COPAS (Fabian Tapia)

Japan JMA (Masao Ishii, Yusuke Takatani)
Japan JAMSTEC (Makio Honda)
CalCOFI and CCE-LTER (Ralf Goericke)
MBARI (Marguerite Blum)
SPOT (Diane Kim)
HOT (Karin Bjorkman)
Line P (Kyle Simpson)
Station Papa (Adrienne Sutton)
NEPTUNE Canada (Damian Grundle)
Santa Barbara Channel (Craig Carlson)

Labrador Sea, Halifax Line, Davis Strait, Barrow Strait, Hudson Bay/Strait (Stephen Punshon)
Cape Verde Ocean Observatory (Bjorn Fiedler)
ESTOC (Andres Cianca)
BATS (Rod Johnson)
Irminger and Iceland Seas (Jon Olafsson)
Oceanic Flux Program (Maureen Conte)

CARIACO (Jaimie Rojas)
Cartagena (Mary Luz Canon)


Ubatuba (Milton Kampel)
Epea (Vivian Lutz)

Palmer LTER (Matthew Erickson)
King Sejong Station (Tae Siek Rhee)

Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) (Orest Kawka)
Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Managament Office - Rolling Deck To Repository (R2R) poster, BATS/HOT/CARIACO data poster (Cyndy Chandler)

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