Human Resources

Performance Awards

Vetlesen Award

An award given to an individual "for exceptional contributions not merely above and beyond superb performance of his/her job and service on committees, but for true selfless dedication of a major portion of him/herself to the entire WHOI community over a long period of time."

Penzance Award

An award given to a group "for sustained exceptional performance, for outstanding representation of the WHOI spirit, and for major contributions to the personal and professional lives of our staff."

Linda Morse-Porteous Award

A memorial award, established by John Porteous, recognizing a female technician (non-exempt Departmental Assistants or exempt Technical Staff) who has demonstrated "leadership skills, dedication to and quality of work, abilities as a role model and/or mentor for junior women, and involvement in the WHOI community."

Ryan C. Schrawder Award

A memorial award recognizing an employee who has, after a short period of time, proven himself/herself to be a valuable asset to scientific projects both at sea and ashore in the lab, exhibited the ability to learn quickly, and applied acquired knowledge towards the success of scientific missions. The award focuses on junior staff with no less than 3 years experience at WHOI and generally not exceeding 8 years of service.