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MassRides - Emergency Ride Home

ERH: Always There, Just in Case

WHOI has partnered with MassRIDES to bring you the FREE MassRIDES Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program.

The MassRIDES Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program supports commuters who commute green with a free ride if an unexpected emergency arises. It is “commuter insurance” for those who carpool, take transit, bicycle, walk or vanpool to work. Participants simply take a taxi, transit, rental car or get a ride from a co-worker in the event of an emergency, submit a reimbursement request afterwards, and MassRIDES will reimburse the individual up to $100 for the cost of getting home.

Who can use ERH:

Eligible employees must enroll in ERH and carpool, vanpool, transit, bicycle, or walk to work at least twice per week and on the day of program use. 

Qualified Emergencies:

•Unexpected personal illness/emergency
•Unexpected family illness/emergency
•Carpool leaves due to an illness/emergency
•Unexpected mandatory overtime

How to Get There:

•Taxi - typically the quickest and most convenient option
•Transit - if timely service is provided between origin/destination
•Rental Car - if the trip is more than 20 miles away and time allows for rental process
•Co-worker/Friend - get a ride from an individual and they will be reimbursed for the mileage at the federal mileage rate

ERH Trip Allowance:

An eligible employee can submit up to four (4) reimbursement requests per calendar year.

Steps to Follow When an Emergency Arises:

  1. Arrange for emergency transportation beginning at your workplace.
  2. Take the trip and pay for the emergency ride - make certain to keep an itemized receipt.
  3. Submit request for reimbursement to MassRIDES within 30 days of the trip.

For additional information about MassRIDES’ Emergency Ride Home program, please review the program guidelines.

For any questions about the Emergency Ride Home program, please contact MassRIDES at or call 857-368-8655 to speak with a MassRIDES team member.

How to Enroll in ERH

You can enroll in ERH at any time by accessing the MassRIDES ERH website at and registering.

Your account is associated with a specific employer. The trips you take will be verified by this employer's ERH Coordinator. If your employer is not listed below but you are currently a vanpool participant, please select MassRIDES Vanpool.  If you have used MassRIDES ERH program with another employer, you will be required to create a new account.  

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MassRides - NuRide

Ridematching & Travel Rewards

WHOI has parterned with MassRIDES to bring you NuRide!

NuRide is MassRlDES' online tool that helps you find carpool matches and provides rewards for greener trips - and it’s FREE!


Don't know who to carpool with? NuRide can help you find people that live and work near you and are interested in sharing the ride. Save on gas, split driving responsibilities and make new friends.

You can start by taking a Sneak Peak to see if you have potential carpool or vanpool matches nearby. Once you're signed in, you can send messages to matches securely without giving out any of your personal information.

Travel Rewards

Already taking green trips? Sign up for NuRide and begin logging to accrue points towards great rewards! Do you take commuter rail to work or bike to a friend's house? These are green trips you should be logging into NuRide!

Once you begin to accrue points, use your NuRide rewards towards restaurant coupons and discounts from local and national retailers. Interested in knowing the difference you make by traveling green? NuRide also provides measurements to calculate the money you have saved, the number of drive-alone trips you have reduced and your positive environmental impact.

NuRide is the nation's largest rewards program for individuals who take green trips - walking, bicycling, carpooling, vanpooling, public transportation and even telecommuting are all green travel options.

Get Rewards for Greener Trips

Get rewards when you record your walk, bike, telecommute, carpool, vanpool, or transit trips on NuRide.

NuRide is MassRIDES' free ridematching and rewards program that helps you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Join NuRide today, it's free and easy to do!

To sign up visit and click Sign Up!

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MassRides - Safe Routes to School

Massachusetts Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

Massachusetts Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a federally-funded initiative of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Safe Routes to School works with schools, communities, students, and families to increase biking and walking among elementary and middle school students in the Commonwealth. We promote a collaborative, community-focused approach that fosters mutual partnerships between advocacy groups, law enforcement, education leaders, and public health departments that all work together to promote safer routes for elementary and middle school students to get to school.

Safe Routes to School is present in all 50 states and around the world, including Canada, Puerto Rico, Great Britain, and Europe. The Massachusetts Safe Routes to School Program distinguishes itself from other states’ efforts by providing a central source of services to all interested schools through individual outreach and customizable program support.

Safe Routes to School encourages elementary and middle school students to walk and bicycle to school safely by implementing the Safe Routes Five E’s:

Learn more about The Massachusetts Safe Routes to School Program here.  

For more information on this program, contact 888-4COMMUTE.

MassRides - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is ERH?
The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program provides eligible employees who use a sustainable mode of transportation to travel to work at least two times per week with the ability to be reimbursed for taking a taxi or rental car in the event of a personal or family emergency, up to four times per year. Employees who drive alone to work are not eligible for the ERH program. For information on resources available to those who wish to carpool or vanpool, visit

What Types of Emergencies does ERH Cover?
Unexpected personal illness/emergency, unexpected family illness/emergency, your carpool/vanpool driver has an emergency, or unexpected mandatory overtime.

Where Can I Go?
Home, to your vehicle (if you are parked at a transit station or park & ride lot), to your child's school or day care, to a medical facility, or interim stops, if the stops are related to the emergency.

How Can I Get There?

  • Transit: If transit is available within 30 minutes of the emergency
  • Taxi: If the trip is less than 20 miles away or you are too ill to drive or take transit; and for all trips taken after 5:00 pm
  • Rental Car: If the trip is more than 20 miles away and if it is before 5:00 pm

How Often Can I Use the Program?
Up to four times per calendar year

What if I Need a Rental Car?
You must have a valid driver's license and major credit card, and in most cases be 25 years old to rent a car. Some rental car agencies will deliver a rental car to your workplace. Just pick up the phone and call for a compact rental car. Use the rental car to get home during your emergency. Save your itemized receipt! Return the rental car to the location nearest your home or work within 24 hours.

I Have an Emergency. Then What?
Arrange your emergency transportation. Pay for the trip and keep an itemized receipt.

How Do I Get Reimbursed?

  1. Log into the ERH page at with your username and password.
  2. Complete a Trip Detail Form and attach a scanned copy of your itemized receipt. When completed, please select 'Submit'.
  3. You will receive an e-mail confirming your trip has been submitted to the ERH coordinator.
  4. The ERH coordinator will receive an e-mail with your trip details and then will either approve the trip or request more information from you.
  5. Once your trip is approved, your Trip Details report will be e-mailed to MassRIDES.
  6. MassRIDES will create a check to be mailed to the address you selected at the time of registration. Please allow 3-5 weeks to receive the check.

Cab-driver gratuity, rental car taxes, insurance, and fuel costs are not covered.

What Else Can MassRIDES Do For Me?

Have you heard of NuRide?
As an ERH user you can also enroll for NuRide, the nation's largest rewards program for individuals who take greener trips. NuRide is available throughout Massachusetts and is free to join and free to use, and is provided by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Get started with three easy steps:

  1. Join NuRide: Click here to sign up! Use the promo code, MassRIDES and you will receive 1,000 points automatically upon sign-up.
  2. Track your Public Transit, Carpool, Vanpool, Walking, or Bicycling trips: Once enrolled, log in to track your morning and afternoon trips. Each one-way trip you log will earn you 100 points!
  3. Enjoy Rewards: Redeem your points for restaurant coupons, retailer discounts, and tickets to shows and attractions.

Thanks again for your participation in the Emergency Ride Home program!

Please contact MassRIDES at or call 857-368-8655 to speak with a MassRIDES team member with any questions or concerns about the ERH program or NuRide.


WHOI is a member of MassRIDES, a free program of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) designed to help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality and mobility. To accomplish these goals, MassRIDES works with both employers and commuters within the Commonwealth to promote the use of commute options. Through hands-on worksite assistance, ridematching services, marketing and outreach events, MassRIDES annually offers thousands of commuters and employers time – and money – saving solutions for a better commute in Massachusetts.

Join NuRide and get rewards when you walk, bike, telecommute, carpool, vanpool, take transit, or work a compressed work week! NuRude also works as a ridematching database. If you are looking for someone to travel with anywhere within Massachusetts, or with Massachusetts as a start or end point, you can join NuRide to find colleagues and other travelers going your way.

Rideshare – Join NuRide to connect with other travelers going your same way—

  1. On the “NuRiders” tab, click “Find NuRiders”
  2. Enter your starting and ending addresses
  3. Filter by mode. Are you looking for carpool, vanpool, biking, walking, or transit buddies? Additionally, you can select who you want to travel with based on who you know who is already using the system, or who works at the same company as you, etc.
  4. Click on one of the flags to contact your new commute partner.

Emergency Ride HomeMassRIDES offers commuter insurance for staff that walk, bicycle, carpool, vanpool, telework, or use public transportation at least twice per week. In the case of unscheduled overtime or an emergency, MassRIDES will reimburse employees up to $100 to get home. MassRIDES will cover the cost of a taxi, transit ride, rental car for trips more than 20 miles, or reimburse a coworker or friend of the employee for mileage up to the same amount up to four times per year. Learn more and register for ERH at

Last updated: October 26, 2017