Unknown neomphalid B. Family ?Neomphalidae

Unknown neomphalid BUnknown neomphalid B SEM

Size under dissecting microscope: 240µm
Size under compound microscope: 230µm
These protoconchs are moderately large and very distinctive. They have reticulate sculpture over the entire shell, more or less disorganized at the base, but becoming regularly spaced lines toward the aperture. The aperture is slightly sinuous and has a distinct ridge above it. We have not been able to match them with a known vent species, but have tentatively assigned them to Neomphalidae because of their reticulate sculpture and similarity to other neomphalids.
Pump EPR 1999-2000: Rare
Pump EPR 2004: Not collected
Trap EPR 2004-2005: Occasional

Can be confused with

Melanodrymia aurantiacaMelanodrymia ?galeronae
They are most likely to be confused with either Melanodrymia aurantiaca (upper photo) or M. ?galeronae (lower photo), which they superficially resemble in morphology and size. They can be distinguished by their linear reticulate sculpture (the sculpture of both of the Melanodrymia species is finer and more irregular) and by the shape of the aperture which is flatter than either of the Melanodrymia species. This species also has a sharp ridge above the aperture, which the others lack.
Unknown neomphalid 290 Unknown neomphalid 290µm is about 50µm larger and lacks the ridge above the aperture.  Its sculpture is similar near the base, but does not form regular lines distally.

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