Unknown ?neomphalid 290μm. Family ?Neomphalidae

Unknown ?neomphalid 290Unknown ?neomphalid 290

Size under dissecting microscope: 290µm
Size under compound microscope: 280, 290 µm
This is a large protoconch with reticulate sculpture over the entire shell. The outer edge of the aperture flares out and the sides are deeply sinuous, coming to blunt points. The outline of the shell is smoothly rounded and there is no apparent aperture rim. It resembles Melanodrymia spp. in general appearance and sculpture and may well be an undescribed species in that genus.
Pump EPR 1999-2000: Not collected
Pump EPR 2004: Rare
Trap EPR 2004-2005: Rare

Can be confused with

Melanodrymia aurantiaca
Melanodrymia aurantiaca is about 30µm smaller, with finer sculpture.  Its aperture is more smoothly curved.
Melanodrymia ?galeronae
Melanodrymia ?galeronae is about 40µm smaller, also with finer sculpture and a more smoothly curved aperture.
Unknown neomphalid B Unknown neomphalid B is about 50µm smaller.  Its sculpture forms regular lines distally and it has a distinct ridge parallelling the aperture.
Bathymargarites symplector Bathymargarites symplector is 30-50µm larger.  Its shell is nearly smooth, with only a few faint axial striations on distal half of shell.

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