Unknown Polychaete B

Unknown Polychaete B Unknown Polychaete B

Size under dissecting microscope: 535µm (left), 340µm (right)
Oval-shaped larva, quite wide for its length. No chaetae visible, but four evenly spaced ciliary bands encircle the body and there appear to be patches of cilia on the anterior and posterior ends. In larger individuals, jaws can be seen through the body wall, as in the specimen on the left. This form was not collected prior to the 2005-2006 eruptions at 9°N, EPR and we do not know if it belongs to the vent fauna.
Pump EPR 1999-2000: Not collected
Pump EPR 2004: Not collected

Can be confused with

Archinome rosacea
Archinome rosacea is similar in size and general outline; however, it has long, delicate chaetae, whereas Unknown Polychaete B has only cilia. Archinome has dark pigmentation on its prostomium, but does not have a jaw apparatus.

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