Lepetodrilus-like protoconchs.  Family ?Lepetodrilidae

Lepetodrilus-likeLepetodrilus-like SEM

Size under dissecting microscope: 190-200µm
Size under compound microscope: 180, 185µm
Lepetodrilus-like protoconchs are quite similar in general appearance to Lepetodrilus spp.  They are slightly larger and have coarser pitted sculpture.  The aperture is slightly curved and comes to a blunt point at the outer edge.  There appears to be no aperture rim.
Pump EPR 1999-2000: Occasional
Pump EPR 2004: Occasional
Trap EPR 2004-2005: Occasional

Can be confused with

Lepetodrilus sp.
These protoconchs are most likely to be confused with Lepetodrilus spp. Lepetodrilus spp. are slightly smaller (170-180µm) and have a straight aperture, which forms a line with the base of the shell. They also have an aperture rim, which this group lacks.
Gorgoleptis sp. 3
Gorgoleptis emarginatus and Gorgoleptis sp. 3 (shown at left). Both species are slightly smaller (175-185µm) and have pitted sculpture, as does this species. The most obvious difference is that both Gorgoleptis have sharp points at the outer edge of the aperture (and G. emarginatus has scallops on the sides as well), whereas this group has only a blunt point on the distal edge.
Clypeosectus delectus

Clypeosectus delectus , which are smaller (170-180µm) and have an aperture rim. In Clypeosectus and Gorgoleptis spp., the pitted sculpture often appears to form lines, which has not been seen in the Lepetodrilus-like protoconchs.


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