Gorgoleptis sp. 3. Family Lepetodrilidae. ChEss logo OBIS genus link

Gorgolpetis sp. 3

Size under dissecting microscope: 185µm
Size under compound microscope: 180µm
This protoconch closely resembles the two Gorgoleptis protoconchs in sculpture and is roughly the same size as Gorgoleptis emarginatus. It differs from the others in having only a single sharp point at the anterior edge of the aperture and the sides are sinuous rather than being scalloped. If it has an aperture rim, it is very narrow.

A third species of Gorgoleptis, Gorgoleptis patulus McLean, 1988, was described from the Galápagos Rift. Its protoconch is unknown, but it could be a possible candidate for this morph. The species has not been reported from 9°N.
Pump EPR 1999-2000: Rare
Pump EPR 2004: Rare (1 individual collected off-axis)
Trap EPR 2004-2005: Not collected

Can be confused with

Gorgoleptis emarginatus
Gorgoleptis emarginatus is nearly the same size as Gorgoleptis sp. 3, being about 5µm smaller.  It has points on the sides of the aperture, whereas Gorgoleptis sp. 3's aperture is only slightly wavy.  Gorgoleptis emarginatus is much more common.
Gorgoleptis spiralis
Gorgoleptis spiralis is about 35µm smaller than Gorgoleptis sp. 3 and has side points on the aperture.
pointy apex and Clypeosectus delectus
Clypeosectus delectus (right) and pointy apex are similar in size and sculpture to the Gorgoleptis species.  The main difference is in the shape of the aperture: Gorgoleptis sp. 3 has a sharp point at the outer edge, whereas in these species it is nearly straight.

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