Eulepetopsis vitrea McLean, 1990. Family Neolepetopsidae. ChEss logo OBIS species link

Eulepetopsis vitrea - top viewEulepetopsis vitrea - aperture viewEulepetopsis vitrea SSEM
Photos show the protoconch from the top, bottom and side (SEM)
McLean (1990, p. 504, Plate VIIh) shows an SEM of a young juvenile with protoconch attached

Size under dissecting microscope: 250µm
This is a moderately large protoconch, with shallow, coarse pitted sculpture over the entire shell, giving it a grainy appearance under the light microscope. The shell is dorsoventrally flattened, so it is usually found either with the aperture facing down or lying at an angle with the aperture visible. The posterior portion of the aperture flares out from the body, forming a deep indentation on both sides. The posterior of the shell is smoothly rounded.
Pump EPR 1999-2000: Frequent.
Pump EPR 2004: Frequent.

Can be confused with

Neolepetopsis sp. oblique viewNeolepetopsis sp. top view
The only protoconch that is likely to be confused with Eulepetopsis vitrea in our samples is another genus in the same family, Neolepetopsis sp. Both protoconchs are about the same size and similar in appearance. However, the posterior edge of Neolepetopsis is slightly flattened laterally, giving it a more pointed look. This is better seen when viewed from the side. Viewed from above, the Neolepetopsis protoconch is oval, whereas that of Eulepetopsis is indented behind the aperture.

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