Cyathermia naticoides Warén & Bouchet, 1989. Family Neomphalidae. ChEss logo OBIS species link

Cyathermia naticoidesCyathermia naticoides SEM

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Protoconch SEM Fig. 2 Mullineaux et al. (1996)
Larval photograph in Desbruyères et al. (2006) p. 104

Size under dissecting microscope: 240µm
Size under compound microscope: 230-240µm
Cyathermia naticoides has a moderately large protoconch. The posterior is covered by coarse reticulate sculpture which gives the appearance of bubbles under the light microscope. The anterior portion is smooth. The aperture is slightly sinuous and there is a medium-width rim.
Pump EPR 1998-2000: Common
Pump EPR 2004: Common
Trap EPR 2004-2005: Common

Can be confused with:

The protoconchs can be easily confused with those of Neomphalus fretterae, although the adults look quite different. The chief differences between the two are that Neomphalus has finer reticulate sculpture and the outer edge flares out at the aperture. The aperture rim is wider in Neomphalus than in Cyathermia, tapering toward the posterior edge.

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