Bathypecten vulcani Schein-Fatton, 1985. Bivalvia, Family Pectinidae. ChEss logo OBIS species link

Bathypecten vulcani larva Bathypecten vulcani juvenile

Size (left): 840µm
Size (right): 1.5mm
Shell thin, fragile, transparent to translucent. Most of the individuals we collect are larger than 2mm and possess the typical scallop morphology of the specimen on the right. These would presumably be swimming juveniles rather than larvae. The smaller specimen (above, left) is the only larva we've collected to date. Desbruyères et al. (2006) describes the species as having non-planktotropic larval development.
Pump EPR 1999-2000: Not found
Pump EPR 2004: Not found
Trap EPR 2004-2005: Not found

Can be confused with

Bathymodiolus thermophilus
Bathymodiolus thermophilus is similar in color to juvenile Bathypecten, but is much smaller (< 450 µm vs >1mm) and not scallop-shaped.

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