Barnacle cyprids. Order Cirripedia.

Left to right: barnacle cyprid (1.7mm) from pump sample, light- and darkfield views of settled vent cyprids (850-900μm)

Size under dissecting microscope: various from ~600µm - >1mm
Size under compound microscope: same
We have found a variety of cyprids in our plankton samples, most (and perhaps all) non-vent. The only vent species at 9°N is Neolepas zevinae Newman, 1979; nothing is known about its larval life, but a few newly settled cyprids were recovered on our settlement blocks (Mullineaux et al., 2003) which presumably belong to this species. Several of these are pictured above (second and third photos).
Pump EPR 1999-2000: Rare
Pump EPR 2004: Occasional
Trap EPR 2004-2005: Occasional

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