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My organic geochemistry facility at WHOI has a number of GC and LC analytical capabilities for biomarker detection and quantification. Below is a description of the instrument "family."
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Bodhisattva Bluefish, aka "Bodhi" Thermo Finnigan Delta V Plus

Bodhi is equipped with everything we need to analyze bulk and compound-specific isotopes: a Conflo IV, Trace 1310 GC, RSH autosampler, GC Isolink, and Costech Elemental Analyzer.
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Razor Clam, aka "Rad Raz" Thermo Trace 1310 ISQ Quadrupole GC-MS

Raz is perfect for analyzing single ions, known unknowns, unknown unknowns, and that pesky contaminant in your sample with his autosampler, PTV injector, and ISQ mass spectrometer.
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Quahog, aka "Stuffie," Agilent 6120 Quadrupole LC-MS

Quahog is set up to run GDGTs. She has an Agilent 1260 LC, with a binary pump, 6-port/2-position valve, autosampler, and a thermostatted column compartment
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Raw Bar, Thermo Trace 1310 GC-FID

Raw bar is barebones: just an autosampler, a PTV injector, a GC, and an FID detector. Perfect for alkenone analysis or quantification of known compounds.
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Thermo Dionex Accelerated Solvent Extractor 350

Essentially just a giant espresso maker, the ASE is industry standard for extracting lipids from a lot of sediment samples fast.