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Employee Group Training Facility
Groundrules for Use

1. Access and security: The Group Training Facility (GTF), Clark 141, is generally kept locked. It is the responsibility of the Instructor for each class to be certain the room is secured when departing at the end of each class day. The key can be obtained from and left with the IS Help Desk (Clark 145) - turn left when exiting the GTF, 146 and 145 are located several steps down the hallway.

2. Breaks: It is the responsibility of the Instructor to be certain that class participants are aware that they are located in the midst of office space. Therefore, when breaks are taken, conversation and related noise must be kept to a minimum outside the training room. In particular, please note that Clark 145A (adjacent to the GTF) is NOT to be used as a break room. The main lobby on Clark 2 has space and seating for breaks. Class participants who would like to go outside the building may exit Clark 1 through the door leading to Clark South to the right of the stairs.

Rest rooms are located if one exits the GTF, turns right to the end of the hall, then left and right again. Vending machines are located by exiting the GTF and turn right, left, left again and right through the double doors toward the loading dock. For a light, relatively inexpensive lunch, the Buttery in Fenno House is just a short walk from Clark. Exit out the west end of the building and proceed up the two flights of stairs, past the Fye Lab (on the left) to Fenno House. The Buttery is open for lunch from 11:45 to 1:30.

Beverages and snacks can be made available in the GTF via the Services department if a charge number is furnished at the time the training reservation is made. Alternatively, a coffee pot and paper cups will be available for any group choosing to furnish its own coffee. If a group is providing lunch to the class participants, we ask that a separate room be reserved as there is a basic incompatibility among food, drink and computer equipment.

For the foreseeable future, while not encouraged, beverages will be allowed at the workstations. However, class participants must be advised that any resulting damage to equipment will be their financial responsibility. This practice will remain in effect until the first orange juice is spilled on a keyboard :-) The instructor is responsible for insuring that the room is returned to classroom-ready condition and closing down the facility before vacating.

3. Room setup and lighting: The room is designed for flexibility. The chairs are adjustable. The height of the tables is adjustable to allow for wheelchair accessibility. Depending upon the instructor's preference, the workstation tables can be either facing the front of the room or facing the walls. When facing the walls, there are work tables available for the center of the room. PLEASE NOTE that these are the only two permissible arrangements for the tables and most importantly, when moving the tables from one configuration to the other, PLEASE be certain that the network connection into the wall is unplugged and then re-plugged once the tables have been reconfigured.

There are separate light switches controlling the lights in the front and in the back of the room. The rear light switch is to the left of the doors just before one enters the room. The front light switch is beside the instructor's workstation.

4. Setup: The GTF is equipped with both PC's and Macintosh computers.  The standard software installed on the machines and maintained by the IS includes Microsoft Office, Netscape and Firefox.  Other software as licensed is installed, such as: Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Matlab. Any other software configurations are considered custom and must be installed and tested in advance of the session.  Assistance in setting up the software is provided by IS department personnel at the request of the Training Coordinator.

5. Software: If the session will be using software other than the standard configuration, this must be noted in the request to use the Facility and arrangements for installation must be made at least one week in advance of the class.  If the software is difficult to install or has a large number of setup options, lead-time of two weeks is recommended.  In addition, the class sponsor should run a live test of the software either the evening before or early in the morning the day of the scheduled training.

6. Training time pay: Please note that WHOI is subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act and as such must abide by the Act's overtime and adequate meal time provisions. These issues must be dealt with at the department level and instructors are cautioned not to give advice about payment for time in training to class participants. Questions regarding these issues should be directed to the supervisors and the Human Resources Office.

7. Help: Should you have equipment problems or require other assistance during your training session, do not hesitate to contact  the IS Help Desk in Clark 145, x2439. If your training session is being conducted outside of typical business hours, leave your request for help on the Help Desk voice mail system. The WHOI contact for the off-hours use of the room may be able to assist with the problem and will know if there is someone to contact to assist beyond their capabilities.

Any comments or suggestions regarding these groundrules should be made via email to training@whoi.edu.

Last Updated: July 12, 2016

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