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Registration and Cancellation Policies for the Group Training Facility

When training is open to registrants other than those from a particular department or group, registration information will be posted on the appropriate electronic bulletin boards and on the World Wide Web homepage at http://www.whoi.edu/services/stad. In addition, the Weekly Calendar will outline upcoming classes and refer interested individuals to the above noted areas.

If there is a class fee, an individual affiliated with WHOI must have a project number available for the registrar when registering. Any individuals not affiliated with WHOI will need to either bring with them a check made payable to WHOI, provide a credit card number to WHOI's accounting office or make prior arrangements for paying their portion of the WHOI invoice through their home institution. This information is required when registering for the class.

Except in the case of an emergency, cancellations must be made more than five working days in advance of the class date. If no one is found to fill the seat and the cancellation is within five working days of the class, the original registrant will be charged his/her portion of any fee incurred by the Institution.

The registrar for classes can be contacted by sending email to training@whoi.edu  or by phone at extension x2439.