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Employee Group Training Facility
Guidelines for Scheduling

The Employee Group Training Facility (GTF) is located in Clark 141 on the Quissett Campus of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). It is outfitted with 7 Macintosh G4's and 13 Dell workstations, including the instructor's, as well as two printers. In addition to the GTF, there is an Individual Training Facility (ITF) equipped with a Dell Workstation and a printer. The ITF also contains a library of self-paced computer training materials and reference manuals as well as a collection of general management and skill-building reference books.

 Requests for use of the GTF should be made as far in advance as possible, both to allow time to resolve scheduling overlaps and time to install software for various classes. Reservations will be handled on a priority basis, with every reasonable effort being made to accommodate all users. However, use of the room is not necessarily on a first come-first served basis. The priorities for use of the GTF follow:

  1. Institution-wide training in such areas as library systems, basic and advanced computer skills, financial management and associated training, Internet classes, and standard software packages supported by the Institution via IS. Instruction for this category may be provided by in-house staff as a part of their regularly assigned duties. If the instructors are external, they may be funded through a specific project or through the training budget of IS.
  2. Other computer skills classes as requested by a department, unit or group. If all available workstations are not filled by the group requesting the class, the class will be opened up to others at the Institution. Instructors for this category will be funded by individual projects, cost centers or through lab overhead, as appropriate.
  3. Computer workshops sponsored by WHOI Principal Investigators.
  4. Non-computer training/education for various employee groups, including supervisors and managers, when appropriate.
  5. Computer laboratory portions of MIT/WHOI Joint Program and WHOI Graduate Program classes.
  6. Non-WHOI undergraduate or graduate credit-bearing computer courses such as those offered by UMass Lowell or UMass Dartmouth.
  7. Other computer courses for the benefit of the Woods Hole scientific community.
Requests for use of the GTF should be made as early as possible, by email to training@whoi.edu.  Groundrules for use of the GTF will be provided to the instructor as soon as possible following confirmation of the reservation.