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Welcome to Staff Training and Development at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  We invite you to participate in the classes and courses we offer, but must emphasize that our primary responsibility is to provide training for individuals affiliated with WHOI. Therefore, most offerings are initially open only to WHOI employees, postdocs and students.

Generally, classes are offered at no charge to WHOI personnel. However, since the funding for these opportunities is intended to fairly benefit all of WHOI, a portion of the cost of some classes may be passed along to the participants. Refer to the descriptions for each offering for details.

Non-WHOI individuals will be placed on wait lists for individual classes* and, if it appears that space is available, they will be notified as far in advance of the class as possible.  In addition, most classes will entail a class fee for non-WHOI personnel.  WHOI retirees have a discounted rate which covers up to the first $100 per class.  Fees may be submitted by check made payable to WHOI, by Visa or Mastercard per the instructions included with the email confirming registration or, where agreements or joint projects exist, through cross-charging arrangements with the other employer.

Details regarding class size, fees, and registration are included with each class announcement.  Registration is available online, via email at training@whoi.edu, or by phone at 289-2439.

Cancellations are strongly discouraged. We welcome your participation in the courses offered, but please do not register until you are certain that you can attend on the scheduled date. If you have registered for a class and must cancel, we ask for a minimum 48 hour notice.

* Please note that registrations for classes are handled typically on a first come, first served basis with preference being given to those registrants who are affiliated with WHOI.  If a class is over subscribed, a wait list is formed for that particular class date and should cancellations occur, spots will be filled from the wait list, again on a first come, first served basis, WHOI employees, postdocs and students first.  Registration for each class date is handled separately and, since we have no way of knowing an individual's schedule/availability, wait lists are not carried over to subsequent class dates.  This is true even when the same class is scheduled for multiple dates.  Therefore, it is the individual's responsibility to contact us if she/he wants to register for an alternative date.