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Last updated: February 2004

Staff Development Courses

Approval for reimbursement of tuition (only) costs for qualifying off-site short, non-credit courses is handled through Human Resources (HR). Such requests will be considered when the need was unforeseen and funds are not available from projects or departments. Requests require pre-approval of HR. Funding is limited.

The cost of schooling and examination fees for license upgrades for marine crew members may or may not be covered under this benefit and will be considered on a case by case basis.

To be considered for reimbursement, the employee is to provide HR with written documentation detailing the content and cost of the course and the reason for desiring to take the course. The department is to provide a statement of supervisory support, as well as an acknowledgement that the need was unforeseen and that funds are not available from projects and/or the department.

Once approved, upon completion of the course, the employee must submit proof of payment and proof of attendance to HR in order to be reimbursed for tuition only.

Please submit all requests to Michelle Slattery (mslattery@whoi.edu) ext. 2602.

Human Resources is also administering on-site management/supervisory classes, most recently presented by the American Management Association, but not limited to that vendor. Suggestions for this type of course should also be directed to Michelle.

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