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Since most of knowing anything about computer technology is knowing where to find answers, how to phrase the questions and having access to knowledgeable resources, CIS provides pointers to some resources, for your use:

You'll find information on:

  • Computer and Technology trainings offered on-site at WHOI
  • Computer-based trainings that we have developed
  • Learning and Troubleshooting sites offering free products, advice, etc.
  • CIS musings on a variety of topics, including:
    • what do you need to know before ordering a new machine?
    • what printer will best handle your needs?
    • how do I configure a new email client?
    • what is the easiest ftp client to use?
    • how does WHOI's firewall work?
    • how can you tell if the network problems you are having are in your machine, on your floor or building, at WHOI or at the remote site you are trying to reach?

Online Courses

Introduction to HTML
Transitioning from F77 to F90 - a tutorial
Setting up and managing your WHOI website with Dreamweaver


Computer and Technology class offerings(GTF)
WHOI Web training online