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Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephony over data networks Evaluation trials at WHOI

Last year, WHOI joined a group of beta users for Nortel's new i2004 IP phone offering. The first beta trial was in November 2000. It was an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the resources of our new data network. We agreed to trial their new desktop instrument (model i2004), similar in appearance and functionality to the telephone already on your desk. However, it plug into your data jack rather than your voice jack. In July 2001 we began undertaking a second trial with Nortel consisting of the same i2004 telephones running on a different application software and hardware using a Succession Media Gateway and Nortel's new Multi-Media Messaging System (Call Pilot). One of the attractive features of this system is its inter-operability with our existing PBX. Users will find that many features of our present phones and Meridian Mail use the same syntax and procedure on these new IP phones and the Call Pilot Multi Messaging System. In time, our voice mail and E-mail systems will be linked allowing users to receive voice message via their E-mail box as well as via the telephone. We are also going to trial their "soft" telephone (model i2050), which runs as an application on PCs using Windows 98 and 2000 platform (not on Unix or Macs yet). Our beta trial has started with thirty users and will grow to about one hundred locations. We have placed about thirty of these VoIP phones in Clark, Redfield, Blake, Smith, Bigelow, Swift, Bell - the strategy is to run traffic through numerous connection paths to observe the stability and latency of the connections. The implementation of voice services on a packet switching system has proceeded with predictable fits and start. There have been several patches and revisions to the software, resulting from the diligent feedback from our users. What we are continually seeking from our beta users is basically your observations on the voice fidelity, functionality and advantages. The goal, at a minimum, is to provide users with the same level of service they have now. Sandy Tynan (X2899), Hartley Hoskins (X2580), John Krauspe (X3262) and Art Gaylord (X3329) can provide further information.



Sandy Tynan (X2899), Hartley Hoskins (X2580), John Krauspe (X3262) and Art Gaylord (X3329) can provide further information.