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Voice Mail Users' Guide (Nortel Meridian)

Voice messaging is an electronic voice messaging system that gives you a convenient and dependable way to communicate with people both inside and outside of WHOI. Voice messaging answers your calls when you are on or away from your phone, and also allows you several additional features, such as remote notification or distribution list. Please review the following features and contact if you need voice mail or assistance on using any of the features.


Voice Mail User Guide Contents
Assigning a custom operator Name addressing
Calling the sender Playing your messages
Changing your password Recording external, internal, temporary greetings
Checking and editing your messages Recording your name (personal verification)
Composing messages Remote notification
Distribution lists Replying to messages
Express messaging Tagging messages
Forwarding messages Thru dialing
Help commands while in Voice Mail Voice Messaging at a glance (key pad image)
Logging in Your Voice Messaging numbers