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Upgrade your Web Browser
If you sometimes encounter problems viewing Web pages, it could be because your browser is out of date. Many Web sites use features that exceed the capabilities of the Netscape 4.x browsers. CIS advises users of the older Netscape browser versions to upgrade to version 7.x as soon as possible. Call the Helpdesk at ext. 2439 for help in performing the upgrade or download it yourself from the Netscape Web site at

CIS administers the main WHOI WWW servers: - includes the WHOI Public page, Research page, and Internal page. - available for hosting lab/project pages like Dive and Discover - available for hosting WHOI-only internal websites like the WHOI Phone Book.

Questions about the WHOI servers may be addressed to the WHOI webmaster.

Web Hosting

Any WHOI staff member can request space on the WHOI WWW server for lab/department pages or for personal/research pages. Currently there is no size limit imposed on websites, although a guideline of 5 megabytes is suggested. If you anticipate needing large amounts of webspace, for serving large datasets for example, please contact the WHOI webmaster.


Online tutorials on using Netscape Composer and an Introduction to HTML are available, as well as classes offered in the CIS Group Training Facility.

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