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Authenticated Email - The preferred way to send Email from outside of WHOI

Authenticated Email provides a way to identify you as an authorized WHOI email account holder and therefore as someone allowed to send email via You have always needed to authenticate to the server that hosts your email messages. Using this method, you will have to enter your Email password a second time each time you start your Email client. This will identify you to Then, for as long as your Email client remains connected you will be allowed to send email from off-site to any Email address, without using VPN. VPN is still required to read internal pages and to get to hosts that are protected by our Institutional firewall.

The many varieties of Email clients are all slightly different but all have a method for setting the properties of the SMTP server to be used by your mail account.

In general, use the following Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings

  • Outgoing Server (SMTP) Servername ->
  • Port -> 587
  • Check -> 'Use name and password' or "authentication"
  • User Name: WHOI Email name (without the - ex. jdoe)
  • For SMTP authentication and SSL encryption, use secure connection TLS or SSL "Always", or "Required"

Additional Information

Instructions for specific Email clients