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Email Forwarding to an External account

Maybe you have an account at Yahoo! or at Google mail and you know you'll have access to it while traveling or while at a relative's home. For any number of reasons there may be times when you want to be able to monitor your WHOI email messages via an external email account. It's simple: before you leave the area, add a Forwarding address. The essentials are:
  • Add a forwarding address to your email account, which sends a copy of all incoming messages to your alternate account
  • Result: all new, incoming messages will be available to you at your external account and at your WHOI account

How to add a forwarding address

Using the Email Administrator, enter your alternate address in the box provided for Forwarding. Email Administrator

Using MyWHOI's email settings page, enter your alternate address in the box provided under Forwarding for Receiving email address(es): Email Administrator

If you have any questions or concerns about the email upgrade, please contact CIS Helpdesk at x2439.