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Email Service FAQ

What is the email service at WHOI?

The WHOI email service is a state-of-the-art hardware and software configuration for the present and foreseeable needs of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and its employees. It is designed to handle high volumes of email messages efficiently and reliably.

How is it configured?

  • Fast, redundant, dual processor servers for email routing and storage
  • Cyrus mail server software
  • Incoming mail server names designed to allow easy migrations, if ever needed.
  • Outgoing mail servers configured with Round-Robin DNS, so that only one name is needed, but performance is scalable.
  • Mail folders located under main INBOX.
  • Use of LDAP directory for address lookups.
  • Use of dynamic LDAP-based mailing lists allowed.
  • Uses IMAP and SMTP protocols.

What does everyone need to know?

What are the technical details?