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Windows Support

You will find information on TCP/IP configuration, printing, remote access setup, configuring browsers for email access, and Novell network information. You will also find general troubleshooting information for each operating system.

PC Technicians
Debbie Shafer - Software Technician
Fay Cali - Software Technician

Windows NT/2000/XP

Information on Windows XP Service Pack 2
Configure your WHOInet TCP/IP connection for Windows 2000
Configure your WHOInet TCP/IP connection for Windows XP
LPR Printing from Windows 2000 (WHOI only)
LPR Printing from Windows XP (WHOI only)
Configure RAS for 2000 (WHOI only)
Configure RAS for XP (WHOI only)

Useful Links

Windows Links - Home

Ghostscript is the interpreter for the PostScript language and ghostview is a graphical interface for ghostscript.