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Novell Network

CIS maintains a Novell Network which supports a community of users categorized by department. These users are able to store files in public or private areas of the network, print to departmental printers, and run shared applications. Anyone at WHOI can have a Novell account. It costs you nothing. All you have to do is ask. Reasons to consider requesting a Novell account are that it provides the following:
  • A secure, private file area for storing critical data, which is backed up daily.
  • A secure, cross-platform file area, with access controlled by the user, for sharing files with other members of the WHOI community. This includes both administrative and scientific staff.
  • A file area where you can access your data from multiple computers, or multiple locations.
  • A convenient mechanism for transferring large amounts of data between computers.
  • Organized, controlled access to WHOI printer resources.
  • Direct access to many device drivers, product updates, and product installations.