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Linux@WHOI: Overview


In the past few years, Linux has dramatically grown in popularity both at WHOI and on the Net at large. Developed on the Net in response to its own users' and developers' needs, Linux-based operating systems are remarkably versatile: Linux has found its way into science and development workstations, embedded systems, low- to middle-end server systems, and even end-user desktop systems.

This page is meant to be a starting point for information about Linux and the support CIS can give you in using it, setting it up, and maintaining it. We've also thrown in a few useful links that will take you to other sites that have loads of information about Linux.

Various distributions of Linux can be found on the NFS share: isos to create installation cds are under os/linux. For assistance with NFS, contact the CIS Helpdesk.

Linux Links:

[] [Linux Documentation Project]