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Macintosh Support

The Macintosh Support group has a Self Service Provider contract with Apple Computers which enables our technicians to service warranties and obtain replacement parts within 24 hours. Our Macintosh technicians are Apple certified to work on all Macintosh computers and MAC OS distributions. Our technicians will service any Macintosh computer with hardware and/or software problems. Technician hours are Monday to Friday 8AM - 5PM. This page offers a variety of configuration, installation and troubleshooting tools to assist you with your WHOI computing needs. If these tools do not help, you may complete a Service Request to have a technician contact you about your situation or contact the CIS Helpdesk at x2439 for further assistance.

Macintosh Technicians
Elizabeth "BL" Owens
Bruce Cole

Please note the following How-to's are for users of Mac OS X. If you need assistance with Mac OS 9 or earlier, please contact the CIS Helpdesk at x2439.

How do I ...
Download a Browser and Configure it for Email
Setup Printing
Add my Mac to WHOInet
Setup VPN Access

Connecting to the Novell