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CIS network backup service

"Backup your data"! How many times have you heard that? This recommended practice has been complicated by the increasing capacity of disk drives in today's systems. Generally, the capacity of the attached removable storage devices is not sufficient to make local backups convenient on a regular basis. Now you can heed the advice of the experts - CIS is offering a backup service that copies your data over the network onto a tape system.

WHOI has purchased a high capacity StorEDGE L700e tape library accompanied by a server running LEGATO NetWorker software. Most computers attached to WHOInet are eligible to be backed up daily. There are some exceptions to eligible computers, notably Novell servers and Macintosh systems running OS versions pre-dating OS X. A registration is required, as is a client installation on your system.

Areas of responsibility

  • Randy Manchester of CIS developed the service and is the system administrator for the backup server. He makes sure that the underlying hardware and system software are configured properly.
  • and YOU are in charge of monitoring the daily messages from the backup service regarding the status of reaching your computer to backup its files. Please don't ignore 'Backup Failed' messages! Contact the CIS helpdesk immediately.

Essential information - short-term recovery of data

11/26/2012: There is a 5TB limit per backup host. If your total disk space to backup adds up to more than 5TB of data please contact CIS to discuss backup options.

The one-time cost for registering your computer to be backed up by CIS is $199.00*.

If you have questions, please contact the CIS Helpdesk at x2439.


* as of 1 January 2013, based on cost of client license @ $122. and technical assistance rate @ $77. per hour. Note: In the case of a transfer of a license to a different computer - removal from the original and installation on new computer - we will only charge $38.50, representing our half-hour verification effort.