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E-mail archive service

CIS has developed a service to archive your choice of e-mail message folders and has developed a tool to read these archives. Many users have expressed their desire to remove their older messages from the mail servers but still have access to them. EmEx and the e-mail archive service will allow you to do exactly that.

The archive can be written to a CD-ROM or DVD. The archive could, in turn, be used by you:

  • for off-site reference (at sea, or over a slow connection)
  • for historical reference (plan to delete from mail server)
  • for cataloging old messages
  • to enable you to preserve personal messages but remove them from the email servers
  • etc.
Proceed to the E-mail Archive service requires LDAP authentication

More information

Please consider deleting the archived folders from the e-mail server, after you have confirmed that you can read the CD / DVD.

If you have questions, please contact the CIS Helpdesk at x2439.