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Spam lists

For each email account at WHOI, a list is kept of the email messages that were addressed to the account but not delivered. CIS recommends that you check your list when you suspect that a message has been blocked incorrectly, to determine whether expected messages might have been blocked.

Check your SPAM list now!

All Spam lists contain:

  • per sender count of messages
  • if more than one message during a given time frame, the most recent message is reported
  • all the information that is available is reported (often the messages are blocked before the content arrives at WHOI)

Messages are not delivered for several reasons:

  • Each message received by WHOI's SMTP server is rated using SpamAssasin. If the rating passes a spam threshold, the message is determined to be spam and not sent to you. You can expand the Headers on an email message and review its X-Spam-Status to learn more about this type of checking.
  • If a mail server has been detected as having sent out spam or that has been determined to be an "open relay" (a mail server that allows anyone to send messages through it to any other server), it is placed on a DNS Block List. We use several blocklist servers and match incoming messages against those lists. Messages coming from a listed server are not delivered to WHOI email accounts.
  • A more detailed explanation is available - visit Spam Blocking at WHOI

Still getting Spam in your Inbox? Please report it to More information on reporting spam...

For more information, please contact the CIS Helpdesk at x2439.