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Pre-Hurricane recommendations for Computer Users

Upon hearing that a Hurricane may threaten the area:

  • If safety and sufficient time allow, perform a backup of all important files and take the backup with you.

Before leaving your office if a Hurricane watch is in effect:

  • Power down your computer, turn off printers and other equipment
  • Unplug all electrical equipment from wall outlets, including your UPS
  • Turn the UPS off, make sure it is unplugged from wall outlet and move it off the floor, if possible.
  • Move computers and other electrical equipment away from windows and off the floor
  • Face monitor away from windows
  • Latch all windows and close blinds
  • Place plastic over hardware to protect it from rain should the window blow out
  • Take your laptop offsite with you, if you have one
  • If you know that a colleague is out of the office at this time, check her/his office for similar precautions

Important Note: The worst damage to equipment is usually done when electrical power is being restored (surges) and when it is unstable just prior to failing when momentary outages cause the equipment to lose power and then re-energize. Turning off your equipment in advance of an anticipated outage is the wisest course of action.

Remember these phone numbers:

WHOI Information line - for status of WHOI re storm - is 508-457-2120
Emergency help while at WHOI: x2911
CIS Helpdesk - for questions before the storm hits - x2439