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CIS Hurricane Preparation Plan

CIS will respond to Hurricane conditions based upon the condition level set by the Institution's Hurricane Preparedness Committee. Actions called for in the CIS plan may be overridden by directions from the Hurricane Preparedness Committee and/or Safety officials. The goal of the plan is to provide maximum preservation of equipment and continuity of service, but not at the risk of personal injury.

To help with our planning the approximate criteria given in the Institution's September 2003 Hurricane Preparedness Plan are listed next to each condition. In the event of a storm, the actual condition level is determined by the WHOI Facility Manager. CIS actions should be based upon this determination and not an automatic response based upon the criteria listed here.

Condition 4 (Predicted track north of 30°N and west of 65°W)

  1. Review and update Hurricane Preparation Plans (this plan and any associated plans.)
  2. Update CIS contact list
  3. Update equipment location lists
    1. Telephone equipment
    2. Network equipment
    3. Servers and other CIS computers
    4. Other - videoconferencing equipment, copier/printers, etc. (need to coordinate efforts with Graphics)
  4. Check and replenish, if necessary, stocks and supplies (plan for both before, during, and after storm as supplies may not be available for purchase for a while)
    1. Batteries and flashlights
    2. Tool kits and testers
    3. Portable communications equipment
  5. Check that protective barriers at network and telephone closets are ready for use
  6. Verify that all network cables are labeled and documented

Condition 3 (Actual position north of 30N and west of 70W)

  1. Coordinate actions and announcements with Facilities and Communications to ensure consistency and coverage.
  2. Verify switchboard relocation works.
  3. Test portable radios and identify locations in each building where radio links work. Be prepared to avoid dependence on cellular phone services.
  4. Clear all unnecessary items out of vulnerable areas and areas which may need to receive moved equipment.
  5. Prepare end user advisory information and determine when to send out.
  6. Notify Partners of potential Condition 2 and 1 actions and the consequences.
  7. Notify and coordinate with MIS, GCS, and scientists with computer in Clark 151 of potential Condition 2 and 1 actions and the consequences.
  8. Advise CIS staff of preparatory actions they should take at work and at home.

Condition 2 (Hurricane watch issued for our area)

  1. Backup all critical CIS servers and move backups to safe location.
  2. Raise UPSes, network, and telephone equipment in low areas.
  3. Install water barriers at telephone and network switch closets (or make sure that Facilities does).
  4. Remove/secure all antennas.
  5. Issue computer protection information to end users
  6. Determine CIS staff availability - under severe conditions only identified CIS staff should be present.
  7. Gather food, water, bedding, and other supplies for those staying through storm and immediately after.
  8. Have tarpaulins available to cover equipment to protect against rain damage should window failures occur.

Condition 1 (Hurricane warning issued for our area)

  1. If main power and emergency power become unavailable or unreliable, shutdown non-essential servers and hosts in Clark 151.
  2. Move switchboard to Clark lobby.
  3. Secure network edge switches and their UPSes.
  4. Unplug and move if necessary videoconferencing equipment and copier/printers.
  5. Verify location of all CIS staff members.

last updated 22Aug2011